My story can be Love

Love. It with another..or with every other; the world. It’s the only thing that can overcome the fear and hatred. People are afraid..and angry.

I don’t want to be afraid, but sometimes I find myself angry, and that makes me afraid. I’m mostly hard on myself, but when I’m angry with myself it makes me overreact. I’m tryin to relax more and take a more positive look on things.

Amy understands and has supported me my entire life. I have depression and have had some unfortunate medical problems in the past. When no one else believed I was sick, including a host of doctors, she believed. By believing in each other we are able to approach our later years with love and respect.

I think we both try to look for best in other people (maybe why our marriages failed) and fall for the old “sob” story. As we get older and closer, we’ll be able to keep and eye on each other and provide some suggestions on decisions. Not that marriage is an option to be decided..ever..again. 😂🤣😝

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