Every so often I have to move. I find the experience of sorting my stuff and packing it up very pleasing. And leaving a place for someone else and finding a new place is fun to me. I don’t know why I’ve been like this. My list of addresses is wide and varied. I think that’s why it was easy for me to sell my house. I’m ready to move again!

Traveling in my camper has been a really good way for me to “move” somewhere for a while. I’m getting my fix of Florida for a while; I love the architecture and landscape! I know I need to live in Illinois, but I need to visit Florida from time to time. I like the flexibility that having no home is giving me right now.

I spent yesterday having so much fun, I forgot Amy’s birthday! I was so busy being a nomad, I forgot the person that keeps me grounded. I had to apologize and wish her Happy Belated! Love you Sister!

I am ready to move again. I’m ready for the right house to hit the market. I’m looking forward to making a property work for both of us. I’m ready to share spaces with her, but I’m glad I have the camper to “move”from time to time.

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