Kal & Bob

Kal’s my dog. He’s seven years old and 100 pounds. I call him my waca-doodle, but he’s golden doodle and black lab and Rottweiler. He’s a big poodle mostly. He’s smart and loyal and afraid of hard surface flooring. It’s created a small problem here as he won’t come into the bedroom I currently occupy. He’s being a big baby about it.

Bob is Amy’s dog. He is five and also 100 pounds. His background is black lab and Great Pyrenees. He was a challenge at first, but has become a great dog. He accompanies Amy on “adventures” to find scenes for her photography. She is very talented, so follow her on Instagram @ticondog.

Kal and Bob are best friends. They even created their own game where Kal keeps Bob off the deck (or rug, or bed, or patio, etc.) They are also in tune with the Ellen DeGeneres Show. When it comes on they start begging for food. They don’t get dinner until 5:30, but they know the sound of Ellen means it’s getting close to time.

The dogs know things are different. I think they know what is happening and I wonder if they are as excited as I am?

And yes, that is a beer bottle between them! 🍺🍺

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  1. Yes, they’ve moved in! 😱 It’s a huge adjustment after living alone for 17 years. My space has been invaded and Jane and Kal are trying to find their comfort zone without stepping on my toes. Nearly impossible with two Large dogs, Two amazonian women, and a cat. Toes and tails are stomped in all directions!! We will find our way through it all. Sometimes with teeth clenched and sometimes laughing. Sometimes with a stiff drink!

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