Unwanted or Unneeded?

So I’ve slowly been moving to storage those things deemed too personal, too old, and too unusual for buyers to see. I’m surprised that I filled up a unit, but I realize that I didn’t do a good job of reaching the top.

I’ve had to look at everything and make a decision on it. Is it worth keeping in storage? Is it something I can donate? Is is really meaningful to me? Coming up with the right answer has not been easy. There comes a time when things, although I may want them, are not needed anymore.

As Babyboomers, we are going through that in our careers. I was in the Air Force, but was medically retired. I thought it was the best thing to do because I wasn’t deployable any more. Unfortunately, instead of feeling unneeded, I felt unwanted. And I hadn’t made it to the top yet. At least the top for me. My goal was to become a Major (Mess!)

It brought about a severe depression that is only now getting better after 13 years. What has helped me is making the decisions on what to do with some of my AF memorabilia. I decided my blues would be better used by someone else, so I donated them. My boots and low-quarters (ha! Bet you haven’t heard that term in a long time!) were also donated. I burned a lot of documents. Back in the day, they put your social on everything!

This helped me clear my mind about my feelings of being unwanted. I’m thinking it also has cleared my way for happiness to come in. I’m not feeling unwanted anymore. Just like someone is wearing my old steel toed boots to another type of job, I’m now open to work on another type of life. And that’s the best thing about making the tough choices.


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