And So It Begins…

We started out 23 months apart. She was here first, but I didn’t know that. I only knew I had her there. She was always there. She was usually my roommate, and I usually got all her clothes (eventually.) She was there when I got divorced and she was there when I got very ill. Here we are all these years later, and she’s still there!

I have to dedicate this blog to my sister, Amy, whom I’ve always looked up to and have needed for advice. We have always been close, but we’re taking steps to get closer. Over the next year or two, we will be selling our houses to buy one together. Neither of us have children or spouses, so we want to take steps now to help us age in place. I will be sharing lessons, frustrations, ideas, failures, home sales, home purchase, and the eventual “Sistered Living.”

Follow along, share your stories, and mostly let us know your tips for living together as adult (Boomer) sisters.



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